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Leading an Intergenerational Workforce
06/11/2024 8:00 AM
Between rising retirement ages and exponentially faster evolving technologies, the generational gaps in the workforce are more pronounced than ever. Many of us struggle relating to coworkers in such drastically different stages of life, career, and growth. This can make working together feel like we’re trying to have a conversation while speaking different languages. As leaders we face a significant challenge in creating collaborative, productive and aligned teams until we can bridge the gap.

In this workshop, Matt Dunsmoor, will facilitate discussions addressing the common obstacles to leading teams with a diverse range of ages and experiences. With breakout activities focused on tactical methodologies, and Q & A to help you make sure you’re all speaking the same language at your org.

Matt Dunsmoor has been helping leaders tackle the challenges of the workplace of tomorrow for over a decade across dozens of different industries.

With over 10 years of experience as a facilitator and speaker with groups like Octopy, Simon Sinek’s The Optimism Company, and more, Matt brings the perfect blend of accessibility and expertise to any event. His lighthearted approach, wide array of work experience, and ability to illustrate complex subjects with simple, everyday examples allows Matt to deliver powerful messages that resonate with audiences across the board.

He and his team at Octopy have taken a data & science-driven path toward creating more human-focused leaders and workplaces. His approach involves not only sharing leadership theory, but more importantly, helping you apply it to your individual organization & challenges to make it practical.

Get Your Sweet Insights: Serving Up AI Innovations for the IDDBA Community
06/11/2024 9:00 AM
Are you prepared to harness the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) within your business? Discover how AI can transform market research, trend analysis, customer engagement, training, job aides and more. As AI technology advances rapidly, it can be overwhelming.

Terry Brock returns to IDDBA as he walks through the exciting opportunities AI presents today. Terry will provide key learnings to find out how to attract a larger customer base, boost efficiency, and avoid common pitfalls. Terry will simplify the concept in an engaging and understandable manner.

Terry will open the door to how using AI will deepen connections with customers, educate them effectively on your products, and create innovative training materials effortlessly. During the forum, attendees will witness the amazing impact of AI on improving market research, customer interaction, and employee training.

AI is revolutionizing the Dairy, Deli, and Bakery world. Grab your chance to unravel its complexities in a fun and accessible way!

Building on FSMA 204 traceability in the Food Supply Chain: A Collaborative Approach
06/11/2024 10:00 AM
In today's interconnected food supply chain, traceability is paramount and now a regulatory requirement. Join us for an informative session that bridges the gap between retailers and suppliers, emphasizing effective communication and compliance requirements. Whether you're a retailer seeking transparency or a supplier navigating compliance, this session offers practical insights and actionable steps.

Andrew W. Kennedy is a global leader in food traceability technology, standards, and regulations. He co-leads New Era Partners, a division of iFoodDS, dedicated to assisting companies with the FDA Food Traceability Rule, FSMA 204.

Andy’ s prior experience includes three years at the FDA in the Office of Food Policy and Response developing food supply chain traceability and recall systems, public-facing programs, and regulatory policy, including FDA’s Final Rule for Food Traceability and Tech-enabled Traceability, the first core element of the New Era of Smarter Food Safety

This is a must attend IDDBA 2024 Tuesday Forum as our industry continues to learn how to navigate the evolving and paramount food safety regulations of today.

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